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Food Additive

  • Potassium Sorbate

Potassium Sorbate

Commodity: Potassium Sorbate (E202)

CAS NO.:24634-61-5

EINECS NO.: 246-376-1

Molecular Formula: C6H7KO2

Molar Mass: 150.22 g/mol

Property: It’s a kind of unsaturated fatty acid,white or light yellow powder or granular,odorless or slight odor,easily soluble in water.


1.As antimicrobial agent and preservative, it can effectively restrain the activity of mould, yeast, and aerobic bacteria. It’s widely used in food, drink, soy sauce products and pickles, tobacco, drugs, cosmetics, agricultural products, feed and other field.

2.As acidic preservativeit’s also used well in neutral food(PH6.0-6.5).

Packing and Storage: In 25kg cartons with polyethylene liner. Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, kept away from moisture and heat.





White or yellow white crystal or crystal powder

Assay (on dried basis),%


Melting range for soribic acid,ºC

133ºC to 135ºC

Test for potassium

Passes Test

Test for double bonds

Passes Test

Loss on drying (105°C, 3 Hours),%

≤ 1.0

Acidity or alkalinity (As sorbic acid or K2CO3),%

≤ 1.0

Aldehydes(calculated as formaldehyde),%

≤ 0.1

Arsenic, mg/kg

≤ 3

Lead, mg/kg

≤ 2

Mercury, mg/kg

≤ 1

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